Galaxy Rogues
Release 23-08-2020
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Galaxy Rogues

About Galaxy Rogues

Blast off into space for the adventure of a lifetime with the Galaxy Rogues online slot. From developers Green Jade Games, this slot is bursting with special features, unique design and big wins. If you've ever dreamed of flying a spaceship and defeating villains, here's your chance. Find out all the details in our Galaxy Rogues slot review.

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How the video slot works

The Galaxy Rogues game is a slot unlike any you’ve played before. Rather than using traditional reels and spins, it has more of a classic arcade game setup. You take control of a spaceship turret and blast enemy ships to protect yourself and your crew.
Before you start playing, you’ll need to choose your bet from the options Green Jade Games has provided. You can bet between €0.50 and €500 per round. Once the round starts, you’ll need to shoot down the attacking ships. You’re your mouse or thumb to move the crosshairs across the screen. Press fire by using your mouse or your other thumb once your crosshair is over the enemy.
Each round, you’ll be attacked by between eight and fifteen different enemies. You’ll need to destroy them all before they can destroy you. The round ends once you destroy all of the enemies or your ship has been destroyed.
Destroying enemies will award you with skill points which are converted into cash at the end of the round. Different enemy types will pay out different amounts of points. You can also earn extra points by scoring combos, hitting an enemy in its glowing critical spot or destroying an enemy as it flies overhead.
Completing the round quickly, having high accuracy and ending the round with a high amount of health remaining will also earn you Galaxy Rouges bonus points. Collecting a high number of points will allow you to top the leaderboard, where you can win even more prizes.
Power up bonuses can be randomly awarded, which will let you defeat enemies more easily or see the number of coins you can win from each enemy. There are four different enemies in total, all of which have different behaviour, stats and payouts. A careful strategy is needed to focus on the right enemy at the right time and ensure you get the maximum jackpot for each round.

Game Facts

Release date 23-08-2020
Paylines 0
No selection
Bonus rounds
Max win 5,000
Free spins no

About Green Jade Games

Green Jade Games


What kind of special features can you expect?

As you progress through the rounds, you can unlock powerups which will help you to defeat the enemies and earn more points. There are no Galaxy Rogues free spins to unlock.

Are there any limitations when playing on a mobile device?

No, the game has been optimised for mobile play and can be controlled using a touch screen.

What is the RTP factor of Galaxy Rogues?

The Galaxy Rogues video slot has an RTP rate of 94.08%.

Closing Thoughts on Galaxy Rogues

This is a completely new and innovative slot that takes inspiration from arcade machines and video games rather than traditional slots. It may not have any reels, but it’s still a lot of fun to play. The game includes a tutorial, so even if you haven’t played anything like this before, you can quickly pick up the controls. There’s a lot of excitement to be had, and each round gives you a fresh challenge with new enemy types and different scenarios. Try out the free demo today and see what you think.

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